Bulla Dollop Thick Cream 200mL

Crafted with care, Bulla Dollop Cream has been created especially for dolloping. With a consistent shape and perfect thickness, this cream is ideal for dolloping on the side of your favourite dessert, piping into cakes or filling pastries and other sweet treats.

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A rich dollop cream perfect for serving with desserts. It can also be used for cooking and piping. This cream can be used straight from the tub, no whipping required. Rich dollop cream, ideal for filling cakes and pastries, serving with desserts, requires no whipping.

quick facts:

milk fat: 35%

suitable for whipping? Can be whipped lightly with a whisk to produce a thicker consistency.

can I heat it? Can stir through sauces, but excessive boiling is not recommended.

can I freeze it? No, you cannot freeze the product for storage or as part of a meal.