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our practices

being transparent and accountable

Our family ethos has always valued strong relationships and building mutual trust, that is why we are committed to being transparent in our sustainability journey. We have set a goal to create and make Bulla’s sustainability knowledge platform to be an open source by 2028. This will share information used to achieve our progress, we hope this will enable partners within our supply chain to leverage insights and work to achieve more sustainable outcomes for dairy.


what we’ve achieved

In FY23, we invested $500,000 to upgrade our Incident & Hazard Reporting Platform to enable us to have an easy to use, single source of data. This monitors and manages incidents and hazards, relating to health safety & wellbeing, food safety & quality, environmental impacts, logistics and customer feedback. This has enabled us to monitor and continuously improve how we operate.

Since 2013, we have reported internally on water, waste, energy, and packaging usage. Since 2020 we have integrated sustainability measures- such as safety, food safety and environmental impact into company key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that we are collectively working towards our goals. We are also currently working on a tool that will enable us to further embed sustainability in our decision making across the business and ensure our sustainability performance is monitored for annual reporting. In collaboration with our sustainability partner Edge Impact, we have developed an Executive and Senior Leadership training and education program to empower our leadership team and equip them with the knowledge and skills to deliver Bulla’s sustainability strategy. We are also currently reviewing and updating our sustainability policy to ensure that all employees, suppliers, and contractors are working towards achieving our sustainability strategy.

“I firmly believe our training and education program is an investment in our future success. We’re building our capability with knowledge and skills to navigate complex challenges such as climate related financial disclosure and modern slavery- learning what it really takes to be a leader in sustainability. Together, we’re adapting to rapid changes so that we can shape a sustainable and impactful future for Bulla.”

Allan Hood, CEO Bulla

what’s next

In November 2023, as part of our efforts be more transparent and accountable as a business, we finalised our Governance framework. This will ensure that we are making considered, data-led decisions and that we ensure we have the appropriate authority and accountability to measure and deliver our sustainability objectives as we implement our sustainability strategy.

driving innovation and technology

Bulla will actively seek partnerships with research and development (R&D) bodies, peak bodies, suppliers, peers, and customers to find innovative ways to continuously make dairy more sustainable.

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curating responsible, ethical, and resilient supply chains

Bulla is committed to partnering with values-aligned organisations and working together to make dairy supply chains more sustainable and ethical.

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