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our practices

curating responsible, ethical, and resilient supply chains

By 2025, Bulla commit to having a program in place that supports farmers and suppliers to provide best care for people, animals, and the environment. We know our impact extends beyond our immediate operations, that’s why we are committed to partnering with values-aligned organisations and working together to make dairy supply chains more sustainable and ethical. By 2025, Bulla ensure all sourced cocoa, coffee, tea, and hazelnuts are certified. By 2027, we will ensure all palm oil or ingredients containing Palm Oil are sourced from at least SG certified facilities.


what we’ve achieved

Bulla is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which is a non-profit group that promotes palm oil production practices to reduce deforestation. As of 2023, palm oil makes up 0.8% of Bulla’s total ingredient production volume. Of this, the total volume of palm oil, 64% is RSPO-certified segregated, and 36% is RSPO-certified Mass Balance. Segregated palm oil is from certified sustainable sources which is kept separate throughout the entire supply chain, from the plantation to the end product. This ensures that the palm oil in the final product can be traced back to specific certified plantations or mills, whereas mass balance sustainable and non-sustainable palm oil are mixed at various stages of the supply chain.

what’s next

We are currently creating Bulla’s Responsible and Ethical Sourcing Framework- this will provide an evidence-based process to identify and prioritise Bulla’s greatest supply chain risks, so we can ensure we are working to, and working with suppliers that operate to thorough social and environmental standards in areas where we identify a need to improve and work towards achieving our responsible, ethical and supply chain goals.

being transparent and accountable

We have set a goal to create and make Bulla’s sustainability knowledge platform to be an open source by 2028.

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driving innovation and technology

Bulla will actively seek partnerships with research and development (R&D) bodies, peak bodies, suppliers, peers, and customers to find innovative ways to continuously make dairy more sustainable.

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