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Driving innovation and technology

We know we will need to take an innovative approach to help address the sustainability challenges that our sector faces. We believe new opportunities can be found by having the courage to think differently and at Bulla, we will actively seek partnerships with research and development (R&D) bodies, peak bodies, suppliers, peers, and customers to find innovative ways to continuously make dairy more sustainable.


what we’ve achieved

We are currently conducting a research program with RMIT university, industry experts and suppliers to look at circular economy initiatives. This collaboration is exploring ways to repurpose by-products in our efforts to fight food waste and contribute to a circular economy.

Through our industry partnerships, such as Dairy Australia, we have always looked to understand innovative ways to improve the sustainability of dairy practices. Whether its improving on farm irrigation or expanding the use of big data, there are growing solutions that can provide real opportunities for our industry, and for Bulla to achieve our sustainability goals.

what’s next

With a circular, regenerative approach, we are working on our Industry Engagement and Partnerships for Change Strategy which will combine education, innovation, and industry collaboration to help reimagine the future of sustainable dairy. In partnership with our suppliers, farmers, and industry bodies we will look to tackle key issues like food waste, packaging, on farm innovation and agtech as well as ways to integrate on-farm measurements. We aim to launch this strategy in 2024.

curating responsible, ethical, and resilient supply chains

Bulla is committed to partnering with values-aligned organisations and working together to make dairy supply chains more sustainable and ethical.

being transparent and accountable

We have set a goal to create and make Bulla’s sustainability knowledge platform to be an open source by 2028.

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