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we care for the environment

Colac is nestled at the foothills of the pristine Great Otway National Park. The area is abundant with native wildlife, beautiful coastlines, breathtaking waterfalls in fern-laden valleys with tall mountain Ash forests, and the crystal clear waters along the Great Ocean Road stretching from Bells Beach to the Twelve Apostles.

We appreciate the clean air and pristine surroundings we reside in, and through our ongoing commitment to lowering our impact on the environment, we plan to keep it that way. We care for the environment so it can be shared with future generations.


we say no to shortcuts, waste and harmful processes

Our key manufacturing sites are located in the Victorian country town of Colac, nestled at the foothills of the pristine Great Otway National Park near the iconic Great Ocean Road.

By saying no to shortcuts, waste and harmful processes, we not only ensure our produce is fresh and natural, we help protect our environment with its abundance of native wildlife for future generations.


working to improve environmental performance

Bulla has been an active member of the Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council (DMSC) since 2012. The DMSC is a nationally-recognised community comprised of environmental and sustainability managers from Australian dairy manufacturing companies.

The DMSC has an industry-wide focus to facilitate the monitoring of emissions reduction at the factory level. Bulla is involved in collective reporting and sharing knowledge amongst members on emissions reduction, improving environmental compliance and the overall sustainability of dairy products.

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a leading example for reducing emissions

Bulla has proudly reduced greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 30%, from 2014 to 2019.

To achieve this we carried out energy audits, which studied all aspects of energy consumption across our factories. This lead us to investing in efficiency initiatives such as a co-generation plant, variable speed drives, LED lighting, pipe lagging, and steam condensate return lines.

Our journey continues as we endeavour to reduce our energy consumption year-on-year and investigate alternative options.

reducing landfill and food waste

Bulla measures, monitors and continually improves the environmental performance at all sites and across Bulla’s supply chain.

Through following the waste hierarchy to either avoid waste in the first place or recycling cardboard and plastic or diverting to compost, Bulla has continuously reduced landfill year-on-year since 2011.

Bulla actively supports Foodbank through donating food and volunteering at their Farms to Families market.

Click here for more more information about Foodbank Hunger Report

always striving to be more sustainable


Our commitment is to ensure 100% of Bulla packaging is Recyclable, Reusable or Compostable by 2025.

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As a family owned Australian business, Bulla is passionate about giving back to the local communities we operate in.

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