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made in Australia, exporting 
to the world

innovation with a purpose

As we continue to grow our international business, we will always innovate with purpose. We are constantly obtaining, engaging and acting on consumer insights to create product ranges that cater specifically to the ever-changing needs of our international consumers.

Global markets equate Australian dairy with quality – clean environment, clean product. We take our place as a leader within the Australian dairy industry seriously. Our leadership in sustainability and mitigating climate change is not solely in aid of our own product quality: it’s part of our value system, and our vision for the Australian dairy industry as a whole to create a reputation for being the best dairy in the world.

Unlike other dairies, all our products avoid milk powder and are instead made from 100% fresh milk and cream. We intend to keep it that way – we want the Bulla name to stand for quality across the world. Quality is the foundation from which we grow; the foundation we’ll never compromise on.


where we supply

We export to a number of countries and are continually updating our ranges.
Please contact us for more information on distributors and retailers.



why Bulla

fresh milk and cream

All of our products are made with 100% fresh Australian milk and cream. This means our ice cream is smoother and creamier than those using primarily milk powder. For our fresh cream, cottage cheese and yoghurt, it means a fresher and entirely natural product.

Australian made & owned

Formed in 1910, Bulla is Australia’s largest and oldest family dairy company.  We are celebrating six generations of dairy craftsmanship, with the descendants of Bulla’s original three founders still managing the company.

our ingredients

The majority of our milk comes from Western Victoria, Australia’s largest regional milk pool, providing us access to some of Australia’s best quality milk. Our dairy industry is highly regulated and food safety and quality is one of our top priorities, providing consumers with complete trust in every product we produce.

our manufacturing

Since 1927, the majority of our manufacturing has occurred in the regional town of Colac, Victoria, only 45 minutes from the famous Great Ocean Road. Across our four manufacturing sites, we proudly say no to shortcuts, waste and harmful processes. We’re all about fresh, natural produce.