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Bulla Splits – Summer Variety

10 pack

Bulla Splits Range
Product description

Bulla Splits Summer variety pack have a mix of three refreshingly tropical flavoured fruit ice shells made with real fruit juice and a creamy centre of vanilla ice cream.

Our Summer pack includes the following refreshing flavours – Watermelon, Passion-Pine & Strawberry. Made with fresh milk delivered daily and available in packs of 10, Bulla Splits are the perfect refreshing afternoon treat or dessert the whole family will love.

Where to buy
Woolworths Coles

*Independent Supermarkets supply differs from store to store. Please speak with your local Independent Supermarket if you cannot find the product instore.

How to recycle


Carton: Please place carton in your kerbside recycling bin.

Wraps: Please place carton in your kerbside recycling bin.

Sticks: Please place stick in your general waste bin.